Saturday, March 3, 2012

High thin clouds on and off

Had the AT8RC setup out again last night. Prospects were not very good due to forecasted high, thin clouds and haze. In addition there was a 60% full moon in the sky. Before midnight I did IC417 in OIII light. Inspecting the calibrated images showed that the nebulosity was completely washed out. Sky flux this time was 60% higher than last time I shot IC417 in a moonless and less hazy sky.

After midnight the target was M100 in green light - haze seemed to be less severe then. Comparing to red light data from a few weeks ago with no moon and less haze suggested the images to be of reasonable quality, but not as good. The background ADU was around 2000, compared to ~1000 earlier. I'll do a critical comparison with future M100 green images to find out if last nights run is useful at all - I am not too optimistic!

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