Saturday, November 3, 2012

Eclipse 2012 - Finally on our way!

Now the journey has really started. I am writing this after 33 hours of airline travel interspersed with a few sporadic hours of sporadic sleep, followed by 12 hours of touring Sydney. Everything has gone well so far. I have met many old companions from earlier eclipse expeditions and some new acquaintances. We flew with the largest passenger aircraft in the world from London via Singapore to Sydney, the Airbus A380. I tried running up and down on a staircase in an airplane - never done that before. In Singapore I got an SMS from Ingrid, our oldest daughter and my eclipse expedition companion from 2008, that she had put a surprise in my baggage. I did not get a chance to find it until we arrived in Sydney - but what I found sure made me happy, see below. All in all, we have had many good omens on these first few days so I am upbeat about having success on eclipse day, eleven days from now. I still have some technical issues to go through and practice on before that happens, but for now I will very shortly retire into the bed behind me!

Some snapshots from the past days can be seen below - click them to enlarge.

Home, sweet home - our Airbus A380.
Tired travellers in Sydney.

A surprise note from Ingrid, discovered once we arrived in Australia!
(click to enlarge)

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  1. Godt, at du havde en god rejse, og at du fandt tegningen <3