Sunday, November 4, 2012

Eclipse 2012 - Sydney and bulb exposure

Today we toured Sydney - Bondi Beach, the harbor, the Rocks, etc. Great fun, great weather and great food. Still, I am looking forward to leaving the big city behind and heading off to the Blue Mountains tomorrow. For me, nature and the landscapes have more allure.

I left the rest of the party early after dinner since I wanted to work more on controlling the Nikon D300 DSLR camera. I hope to get some clear, dark skies for doing star cloud photography in the coming days. I'd like to expose for maybe 1-2 minutes and this will require using the bulb exposure mode. I do have both a USB and a bulb cable - but for the last couple of times I couldn't get the setup to work. Only non-bulb exposures up to 30 sec are possible. What's wrong?

I have tried doing a bulb exposure using both ImagesPlus and the DSUSBcheck software that comes with the Shoestring shutter control cable. Doesn't work. I can do non-bulb exposures under PC control. I can do a bulb exposure without the PC, by just holding down the exposure button on the camera. What is wrong? I'm suspecting some weird camera setting is causing this. I have requested to join the ImagesPlus forum on yahoo groups - maybe someone there can help!

Other important tasks in the coming days: practice polar alignment using the southern stars; finalize the Eclipse Orchestrator script, finish preparing the talks I'll be giving to the guests. It's a hard life being a solar eclipse chaser - but someone's got to do it!

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