Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Eclipse 2012 - update before totality

>>>>>>>>  This update posted 1.5 hour before we leave the hotel  <<<<<<<

I put the gear together - went OK. Found that the 4" scope was out of collimation, as expected after the outback roads. Got it collimated OK. For this I used my artificial star, but had to pause halfway into the process because it started to rain. These tropical drizzles just come and go all the time! Scary.

Checked the Eclipse Orchestrator script once again. Found that the image sequences for the Baily's Beads and the Diamond ring effect were switched around on both sides of totality!! I got them switched around so that prior to totality the Baily's Beads comes first, then the diamond ring. Reverse after totality. Whew... Good I discovered that! Ran the script and saw that camera performs as it should.

I can't practice polar alignment on stars due to too many clouds, so I am opting for using the compass instead. Adjusted the astrotrac wedge to 16.5 degrees south. Adjusted the compass to 7 degrees eastern magnetic declination. This will have to do.

Our planned location - 2 km north of the centerline.
I'll transport the gear semi assembled, with the Borg scope in my hands in the bus so that it doesn't get shaken too much. The guests really want to help so they'll get to carry as well.

We'll have to drive 15-30 minutes south of town to a site just 2 km north of the center line. The bus leaves at 3.30AM - just 1.5 hour from now.

Just went outside and looked at the sky - it is clear! Orion and Sirius are near zenith.

Below is a NOAA IR image of the cloud situation 45 minutes ago. At that time it was cloudy here.
NOAA IR enhanced image 14.11.2012, 1:09AEST.
Red cross shows our location

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